Local computer service. Think about it. .....Service and Support Never End at Cooper's Technology Group. We do local repairs and save you the hassle of shipping and downtime. Give us a shot. Expert trouble shooting. Hey! At Cooper's we've seen it all! And at Cooper's Technology Group we know minimizing downtime is critical. When it's time to buy ....or seek repairs keep in mind the place where service and support never end. Cooper's Technology Group in beautiful downtown Fergus Falls!


Don Mollerud - Lake Radio

After five years I've got everything in my laptop! So when my screen started "fritzing" out I put off repairs... but when it started to be more than annoying I was glad I had friends at Cooper's Technology Group... it was that.... or send my computer away for repairs.... I'd be outta business for a week... THAT would never do. Cooper's techs did local troubleshooting, ordered parts and when they arrived they did same day repair! Less than 2 hours of downtime. At Cooper's Technology Group service and support never end.


Sue Van de Streek - Walk in customer

Hi, Just wanted to thank you for your help yesterday with our computer. I set up the router last night and it went just like you said. 

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